Friday, November 21, 2008

Pine, hemlock, rough cut, 
a fat 3/4 inch, 
driver, framer, nails, screws, finish nails, 
trim, siding, foundation, studs,
locus, spruce, poplar,
flooring, sheathing, ship lap, board and baton, 
live edge, vertical, horizontal, 
casements, right, left, 
flashing, storm collar, metalphestos, roof, chimney, 
caulk, window caulk, floor caulk, silicon, clear, black, white, 
frame out, level, shim, cut, 
shingles, venting, insulation, cellulose, fiber glass, foam, 
water shield, braces, vices, staging, planks, 
generator, compressor, choke, throttle, gas, 
utility knife, staple gun, pliers
this angle, that angle, water, rain, wind, fire, 
de-nail, re-nail, screw, staple, tack, 
saw, trim, cut, re-cut, put-in, 
floor boards, roof boards, joists, ridge line, 
rafters, beams, door way, door jams, 
what a jam......more than I ever wanted to know about my house!

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