Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pay no Attention to Blog Dates, I'm writing a story in sections. Let's start way back in May of 2008.

The house
that fairies built........
From start to finish, the story of my house...........but, 
it's not finished yet, and it's really more like a cathedral, 
a cathedral in the woods.........well here's the story so far.......

I didn't want to change down my house.  I was comfortable in it.  Yes, it was getting cluttered...being a small, small space with a loft. Just 24 feet by 24 feet, six feet of that space was being used for storage, and the small loft served as my bedroom.
But the outside world was invading-a leaky roof the culprit; water cascading down the north wall, mushrooms growing on the inside walls.  "No problem", I thought, a screen can cover that till I can figure out how to finance a new roof.
But doesn't that wall seem to be cracking at the seams and why isn't my door closing? "No problem", I thought, I can remove it from it's hinges and cut an inch or two off one side-that will do the trick.
But why am I tip-toeing across my floor from one side to the other...did I always do that?  Is something sinking on one side of my house?  The log piers are looking their fifty year age.
"Have Nick come and look at it." my contractor friend suggested, "His house is on piers, he knows what he's doing. He can give you an idea of what's happening."
So that's how it all started, a simple little problem.  I could get a rehabilitation loan from the town for a new roof and piers.  Nick and I could solve these problems in no time at all, it's Spring, plenty of time!   

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